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Welcome to Disney Dreamlight Valley, where celestial dreams come to life under the starry night sky. If you’ve ever found yourself dreaming of stars and yearning for starlight-filled nights, then you’re in for a treat. Prepare to embark on a journey into a fantasy cosmos, where twinkling skies and cosmic aspirations await.

Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces the enchanting Haunted Holiday Star Path event, inspired by the spooktacular world of Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Haunted Mansion. This event is your chance to immerse yourself in the magic of stellar visions and unlock exclusive rewards that will leave you spellbound.

Key Takeaways:

  • Disney Dreamlight Valley offers regular updates and special events called Star Paths.
  • The Haunted Holiday Star Path event is the current event, featuring exclusive rewards.
  • Players can access the event through the game’s menu in the Event tab.
  • There are both a standard Star Path and a premium Star Path, with the premium version offering more rewards.
  • Players can earn event-exclusive currency by completing duties and exchange tokens for rewards.

How to Unlock and Participate in the Haunted Holiday Star Path Event

To participate in the Haunted Holiday Star Path event in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must access the Star Path through the game’s menu in the Event tab. This exciting event offers players the opportunity to embark on a thrilling journey inspired by Disney’s spooky tales like The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Haunted Mansion.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once inside the Haunted Holiday Star Path, players will encounter a series of engaging duties that they must complete to earn event-exclusive currency. These duties can range from solving themed puzzles to helping beloved characters navigate through haunted settings. By successfully fulfilling these tasks, players can unlock a variety of rewards that are thematically relevant to the event.

There are two versions of the Star Path available: the standard Star Path and the premium Star Path. The standard Star Path allows players to have three duties available at a time, while the premium Star Path offers six. Both versions offer the same number of task lists and provide a total of 18 rewards.

Players can choose to participate in the event for free by selecting the standard Star Path. However, for players who wish to explore even more of the event and earn additional rewards, the premium Star Path is available. The premium Star Path, priced at 2500 Moonstones, unlocks an additional 25 exclusive rewards and grants players the opportunity to progress through the event at a faster pace.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Moonstones are the premium currency used to unlock and access exclusive content. While Moonstones can be purchased, players can also earn them for free through various in-game activities. So, whether players choose to invest in the premium Star Path or opt for the free version, there are opportunities to accumulate Moonstones and make their event experience truly magical.

It’s important to note that the Haunted Holiday Star Path event is available for a limited time only. Once the event concludes, the rewards will no longer be accessible, so players must act swiftly to make the most of this enchanting experience.

Star Path Type Number of Duties Available at a Time Total Rewards Additional Rewards (Premium) Cost (Premium)
Standard Star Path 3 18 N/A N/A
Premium Star Path 6 18 25 2500 Moonstones

How to Complete All Haunted Holiday Star Path Tasks

The Haunted Holiday Star Path event in Disney Dreamlight Valley presents players with a range of thrilling tasks to undertake in order to earn valuable tokens and unlock exclusive rewards. These rewards can be obtained by exchanging tokens in the event’s dedicated Rewards section. As you progress through the event, each page of rewards becomes accessible after obtaining specific numbers of items from the previous tiers.

The event features a total of seven reward pages, each offering its own unique selection of enticing goodies to collect. To successfully complete the tasks and advance through the event, players will find themselves engaged in a variety of activities that require focus, skill, and creativity. Task types include removing specific objects, gathering rare materials, spending quality time with virtual villagers, and crafting special items.

Whether you choose to follow the standard Star Path or opt for the premium Star Path for additional rewards and faster progress, your main objective should be to complete all the duties and unlock as many rewards as possible before the event concludes. By doing so, you’ll maximize your chances of obtaining coveted event currency, tokens, and valuable event-exclusive items.

Reward Pages Breakdown

The reward pages in the Haunted Holiday Star Path event are as follows:

Reward Page Number of Previous Tier Items Required
Reward Page 1 0
Reward Page 2 5
Reward Page 3 10
Reward Page 4 15
Reward Page 5 20
Reward Page 6 25
Reward Page 7 30

Here’s an example of some of the tasks you may encounter during the Haunted Holiday Star Path event:

  • Find and remove all the haunted pumpkins scattered throughout the spooky village.
  • Collect ghostly essence by gathering from designated haunted trees.
  • Join a virtual party with your fellow Disney Dreamlight Valley players and celebrate the haunted season.
  • Create spellbinding potions by combining magical ingredients and share them with villagers.
  • Complete a set of haunted mansion-themed puzzles within the given time limit.
  • Spend quality time with your virtual pet, taking them on thrilling walks through the moonlit cemetery.

Remember, the tasks presented in the Haunted Holiday Star Path event are designed to challenge and reward players for their dedication and commitment. By diligently completing each duty, exchanging tokens for rewards, and progressing through the event, you’ll experience the full exhilaration and satisfaction that comes from unlocking the mysteries of the haunted holiday.

Haunted Holiday Star Path

Continue your journey through the Haunted Holiday Star Path event to discover even more spine-tingling adventures and unlock exclusive rewards that will make your Disney Dreamlight Valley experience truly unforgettable.


The Haunted Holiday Star Path event in Disney Dreamlight Valley offers players the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic of celestial dreams and cosmic aspirations. By participating in the event and completing a series of tasks, players can unlock exclusive rewards inspired by Disney’s spooky entries. Whether choosing the standard or premium Star Path, players can enjoy the enchantment of the night sky and navigate their way through the event to earn dream-worthy goodies.

With each major update and event, Disney Dreamlight Valley continues to provide players with new content and enhancements, making it a captivating experience for all who seek to unlock the magic of their dreams. The Dream Stars guide found within the game serves as an inspiration for players, guiding them to discover new levels of enchantment and fulfill their celestial dreams.

Embark on a cosmic adventure filled with mystery and excitement in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Let the twinkling skies and stellar visions ignite your imagination and inspire your journey through the Haunted Holiday Star Path event. Enter a world of wonder and unlock the secrets of your cosmic aspirations. Join the Dream Stars and experience the enchantment that awaits you!

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